Mannabred Bernese Mountain Dogs

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I have always loved dogs from a little girl and cannot remember a time I have not had the company of a dog or 3 in my life.

I began with Labrador Retrievers in the dog show world around 2003 and have enjoyed breeding and showing some beautiful labradors, and still have some lovely old retired show/breeding girls with me today.

However some years ago I was at a dog show and came across the most beautiful breed of dog that I couldn't take my eyes off and had to inquire about:  The Bernese Mountain Dog.  My pursuit of owning one of these amazing dogs began,  and it took quite a long time to finally have one of my own.  My first girl was Zeigen Classic Catch - otherwise known as Cricket.  She was my heart dog and although she is no longer with us, I still think about her often because of how special she was.  (Photo of Cricket at 3 months on right of page.)

Since then I have owned and handled for others quite a few Bernese and have loved every minute of it.  They are truly a breed that captures your heart.  They are loyal, sweet, friendly and quirky!
I am grateful to the breeders who have helped me along the way and entrusted with me their dogs to begin my own journey into breeding.

My goal is to continue to show,  breed and help improve and develop this gorgeous breed of dog.